How To Self Promote Your Blog

Nobody knows your blog exists unless you promote it for yourself! Did you know that? But perhaps you are unsure how to go about promoting your own blog online? Well, here I am going to provide you a few simple pointers to get you promoting your blog in its first few weeks. You will soon be ready to find products to promote to your selected readership, and then not only will your efforts pay off for you, but you will become renowned as an expert who provides quality solutions within a certain area of interest or marketing.

Do a Google search and find yourself a directory of ezine owners. Offer to write for them: send them articles that subtly link back to your blog. Do ad swaps and banner swaps. Swap lists! Promote an opt in box for each other. Recommend a product or service they provide, on your blog, in the form of a letter of endorsement. Best of all, buy a product they have created or that they promote actively and send them a testimonial email about how much benefit you have gotten from using that product. Include your photo or blog graphics and a hyperlink (URL) back to your blog. Let them publish this. You will enjoy the added attention to your blog that you will receive!

Now try go2web20 directory and see how many web 2.0 sites are in this useful directory! Join some, interact with them, link to them on your blog posts. This is called social bookmarking and should underpin all you do online. It helps provide cross reference to your blog and will surely increase your blog visitor volume and readership!

Marketing on the internet is always a numbers game: the higher number of visitors to your blog, the better chance you have of profitting from sales to those visitors. But perhaps hoping visitors will buy from your promotions at a first casual glance is not going to bring you the success you desire. Capture the interest by providing quality material in your article content and perhaps a daily quote or puzzle or news item in your sidebar. Place an opt in box near the title of your blog or even prepare a pop-up opt in box so you can capture visitors’ names and email addresses.

Then you can regularly keep contact and promote your blog brand to these subscribers and you will find your promotion sales profits grow as the number of subscribers on your list builds because it will take at least seven contacts from you before a subscriber will trust you enough to buy from you.

So first use directories to find ezines and web 2.0 sites to promote your blog. Then capture these visitors’ details. Then keep emailing them with quality information and news items and throw in some tempting promotions of products you already use, such as the aweber autoresponder service, and write a letter of endorsement highlighting the benefits of that product to both yourself and your prospect. An autoresponder service is of interest to promoters and bloggers in any field or niche because we all need to capture details and respond to our blog visitors.

See what you can achieve with these two simple yet dynamic strategies! I feel confident your readership and profits will be greatly increased six months from now! And if so, then do tell me, because I honestly would love to know! Employ a simple daily system of promoting your blog and you will enjoy the success you yearn for. If you begin to climb a mountain and you keep going up that mountain you will reach the top! And I tell you, you will enjoy the view and the feeling of accomplishment of a goal, for I have climbed mountains in Wales and I daily set myself to climb marketing mountains. Nothing is insurmountable! Take your time. Believe in yourself. Believe in your project. Get out and spread the word. That’s life!

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Paid to Blog – Learning the Basics

If you’re interested in learning to get paid to blog, this is a great first step!

There are so many ways to get paid to blog, you simply need to be aware of the options and choose one (or two, or three…). You could get paid to write blog posts for other people, start your own niche or affiliate marketing blog, or simply find ways to monetize your own personal blog.

Get Paid To Blog For Other People: Perhaps the easiest and most guaranteed method of getting paid to blog is to blog for other people or companies. There are always blogging jobs listed on Craigslist, and ProBlogger has a blogging job board hosted on his website. Blogging jobs can be found in many other places as well, you just need to look.

You’ll want to have a professional looking personal blog that you can use as a sample when applying to professional blogging jobs. You can use any of the methods below for this, if you don’t already have one.

Build A Niche Site: You can make money blogging by choosing one subject, or several related subjects to stick to. If you enjoy, say, rock climbing, a blog about rock climbing including your own experiences, advice, and news on rock climbing, mountains, and rock climbing gear could do quite well. You could monetize this with advertising, or find affiliate programs that match your theme. You could also build products to sell to those who follow your blog, such as e-books on the subject, e-courses, or even physical products if you’re skilled in that area.

Get Paid To Blog With Page Views: There are a number of websites that will set up a blog for you on their site, and who will pay you for the page views you receive. Among them are Today.Com which pays $2 per 1000 page views, and which pays $1.75 per 1000 page views. This is not a good way to make a lot of money blogging, but it’s a great way to get started if you’re new to blogging, or simply don’t want to deal with anything but writing the content.

Monetize Your Personal Blog: It’s true that stories about your cat FiFi will probably not make you rich. However, you can always include advertising from affiliate programs onto a personal site. Friends who read your blog may want to help support you by making purchases through your ads. Google has made recent changes to their advertising program that tracks what your visitors are interested in and shows appropriate ads to them. And you can even use PayPal’s donate button to ask visitors to send you money.

This article only covers the basics, but the more you learn, the more opportunities you can find to get paid to blog.

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